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At OMGi we work with construction businesses to help them thrive online. No matter the size of the company, digital marketing can benefit every business in the industry.


We embarked on our digital marketing journey more than a decade ago. rnrnBack in 2010, the co-founder of OMGi wanted to start a construction business after having graduated with a business degree. rnrnHe took the plunge and did exactly that.rnrnWhile possessing a solid business background, he was uncertain about how he would connect with his customers.rnrnEven though he had a solid grasp of the digital world, teaming up with an award-winning web designer and SEO consultant led to rapid and substantial growth in the business.rnrnAfter working with various construction trades, the co-founder of OMGi found a common hiccup: these business owners had the necessary construction skills to succeed, however, they encountered challenges in reaching out to potential customers.rnrnBacked by the comprehensive understanding of the construction industry and digital marketing, he decided to help construction business owners in expanding their business through the implementation of exceptional digital marketing strategies.rnrnThe result? OMGi has become as a leading construction digital marketing agency, committed to cultivating the growth of construction businesses.rnrn

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We know that each construction business is unique, our priority is to find marketing strategies that are within budget and timeline.rnrnApart from delivering exceptional digital strategies, we often provide more support than beyond the scope of marketing. rnrnFrom setting up business email accounts to guiding them with virtual landlines, our priority is that our clients become industry leaders, even if it means that we go above and beyond with what we offer.rnrnAfter managing a construction business for over 10 years, we are confident to say that our digital marketing skills within the construction industry are second to none.rnrnWe understand that partnering with digital marketing agencies can be a financial strain for small construction businesses, this is why we aim to maintain an affordable budget for the services we provide.

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We develop clean, well-organised, and visually appealing websites
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We create PPC strategies that increase revenue, leads and conversions
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We will establish a unique and positive image in the minds of consumers
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