Advanced Organics

Essential Components for High-performance Products

OM Group is a single-source supplier of low-cost raw materials, with dependable, consistent performance as well as the option of specialized formulations to suit the most exacting specifications.

We offer the largest product line in the metal carboxylates market, including specialty chemicals developed from cobalt, zirconium, manganese, calcium, potassium, rare earth, zinc and other metals.

Serving industries that manufacture coatings, inks, tires, petrochemical-based products and polyester-based products, we provide our customers with outstanding technical support, flexible production capabilities, and a strong distribution and delivery network.

With our recent acquisition of Borchers, OM Group now offers a full range of coatings additives, including Rheology Additives, Wetting/Dispersing Agents, Silicone Additives, Deareation/Antifoaming Agents, Stabilizers, Catalysts/Accelerators, Anti-Skinning Agents/Antioxidants, Specialties and Driers. For more information click here BorchersLink

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